Is there a market for selling sexy underwear on Taobao?


With the importance of people’s emphasis on sex life, sexy underwear on the market is becoming more and more popular.In this context, many people have begun to sell sexy underwear on Taobao, but is this market worth investing?Let’s analyze it.

Market demand

According to market research, the demand for the sex underwear market has increased year by year.Especially in the era when men’s and women’s relationships are becoming increasingly equal, women are increasingly actively pursuing sexual pleasure, which increases market demand.Both couples and single ethnic groups have consumption needs.

Online competition

However, the competition in the Taobao sex underwear industry is very fierce. Many sellers have pushed the price to the lowest point, but the quality and design are unsatisfactory.Because of these factors, the sales of sexy underwear on Taobao were seriously questioned.

Offline experience

Customer experience is the key to the sales of sexy underwear. However, Taobao cannot provide offline experience and trials.Customers may not be able to predict appropriate size and formats, which may cause customers not to buy again.For physical stores, they can make full use of the opportunity to try on to provide customers with perfect solutions, which is difficult for Taobao to resist.

E -commerce

Another problem faced by the e -commerce model is piracy and fake sales products.Because sexy underwear is just a niche market, the manufacturer has not strictly supervised it.This means that it is difficult to ensure the quality of the sexy underwear for sales.Moreover, the emergence of fake goods also makes it difficult for customers to believe in the security of buying sexy underwear online.

Solution 1: Diverse selection

In order to allow customers to have more choices, sellers can try to sell sexy underwear of various styles and sizes.In this case, customers have more advantages when choosing.You can also provide sexy underwear with different shapes, such as bellybands, uniforms, stockings, and so on.

Solution 2: Customer service

Customer service is very important for sales of sexy underwear.Sellers should provide all questions online, respond quickly to various questions, and provide customers with return and exchange services as much as possible.

Solution 3: Cooperate with manufacturers

Cooperating with a high -standard manufacturer with high standards for materials and production quality can ensure that the sexy underwear sold is fake and pirated.In addition, buyers can trust your product quality when buying, which is important for sellers.

Cost Control

When selling sexy underwear, costs need to be considered.When the seller chooses the supplier and manufacturer, it should consider the balance of cost. While providing high -quality products, do not hinder sales profits.

Market potential

Although the sales environment of sexy underwear is prosperous, it does not mean that it has huge market potential.Generally, sexy underwear does not achieve the coverage and sales scale of the product.As a niche market, sexy underwear needs more attention and customer recognition.However, this does not mean that investing in this market is meaningless.

in conclusion

In general, Taobao’s sex underwear market has market potential and demand, but the market is very fierce. It requires sellers to provide high -quality and professional services, and need to cooperate with high -standard manufacturers.Sales of fakes and piracy still exist. Sellers need to pay attention to these issues and find solutions that are suitable for them.

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