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Accountancy - is Scoring getting tough

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Joined: 23/01/2009

With the change in cource recently geting 90% plus has become tough or easier. if you can handle the things with definite approach, thats a mid path were you can probably reach your target. Few of them are listed below :

# As now theory has been marginalised , focus more on pracrical things......Get grip on them -
* by making gist concepts of every chapter
* highlighting impotant adjusment
* not focussing on too many books

# Time Managment is another important area - which can be shorted out only by giving regular tests.

# Handling theory is quite simple now , becouse you need not mug up the things now rather understant them....becus they are one markers only, as reflected by last board exam.

and on the top ...if you want to score well you need to enjoy studies...rather taking it as another obligation.......
So enjoy your studies.....and let me know if you have other important points in ur mind.......


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Joined: 14/02/2009
thanks 4 ur suggestion

thanks 4 ur suggestion