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CBSE Notes 2011-2012

Answer key 2 How well uyou know

1. Franz started for school very late.
2. There was a big crowd in front of the bulletin board near the town hall.
3. At last, M. Hamel broke a shocking news to his students
4. All schools of French districts of Alsace and Loraine would teach German hence forth.
5. A new teacher would come to teach German.
6. Surprisingly, many elders had come to school to honour M. Hamel.
7. H e was delivering his last lesson in French
8. . M. Hamel was a transformed person.
9. He declared that French was the most beautiful language.
10. He took a piece of chalk and wrote on the blackboard as large as he could, ”Long live France” .
1. Mukesh lives in a dusty street of Firozabad.
2. Survival in Seemapuri means rag picking.
3. He is a rag picker in Seemapuri.
4. Mukesh wants to become a car driver.
5. All kinds and colours of bangles are made in Firozabad.
6. His actual name Saheb- e- Alam means Lord of universe.
7. Like his family, every other family in Firozabad is engaged in bangle making.
8. Now Saheb works in a tea – stall getting 800 and all meals.
9. There are two worlds - one is bangle makers and the other is money lenders.
10. H e roams the streets with an army of barefoot young rag pickers


1. Finally, he got an instructor.
2. H e grew panicky. He was suffocating.
3. He developed a fear for huge waves.
4. H e cried for help but nothing happened.
5. He was in a state of forgetfulness.
6. When Williams Douglas was ten or eleven years old, he had decided to learn to swim.
7. The instructor attached a rope to his belt.
8. Finally he could command his hands and legs and become a complete swimmer.
9. Only once did the fear return but he was able to conquer his fear of water.
10. A big bully – boy tossed him into the deep end of the pool.
1. He took the money and thrust it in his own pocket.
2. I n that way, he got power to clear himself.
3. H e did not want to undeceive him all at once.
4. There was a man who went round selling small rattraps of wire.
5. H e asked permission to stay and the blacksmith nodded.
6. The old man was just as generous with his confidences as with his porridge and tobacco.
7. Suddenly, he was struck with an idea that the whole world is nothing but a rattrap.
8. The young girl opened the package and gave al little cry of joy
9. One dark evening, he knocked on the door to ask shelter for the night.
10. Though the guest was well – groomed, the ironmaster did not seem pleased.
1. The Champaran episode was the turning point in Gandhiji’s life.
2. Gandhiji remained in Champaran for 7 months.
3. Gandhiji received a written communication that the case to be dropped.
4. The amount of refund was less important than the fact that the landlords obliged to surrender a part of their prestige.
5. Gandhiji signed a receipt for the notice but wrote on it that he would disobey.
6. The battle of Champaran is won.
7. Rajkumar Shukla was illiterate but resolute.
8. Shukla led Gandhiji to the house of Rajendra Prasad.
9. British Official Commissioner advised Gandhiji to leave Tirhut.
10. Gandhiji wanted to do something about the cultural backwardness in the Champaran villages

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