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Avoid exam stress

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Joined: 05/01/2011

1. Own Material: See that you have your own pen (keep one spare also), pencil, compass box and ADMISSION LETTER.

2. Get in the room Early: So that you can sit as per seating plan and no panicky takes place. Avoid people who add to your stress.

3. Relax & Leave your Books half an hour before Examination:
Don’t keep on stuck to the books till last minute of entry. Leave your books by 10:00 pm and just try to reach your seat and relax for few minutes.

4. Familiarize with the test: Look over the questions as to familiarize yourself with the test. Underline key words or phrases in the test directions.

5. Budget Time: Budget your time in order to finish the test.

6. Starting Test: Start the Examinations with those set of questions, which you feel you know the best. It helps in building confidence and morale.

7. Partial Credits: Show as much work as possible to get partial credit. This means that try to solve all the questions to the most possible level.

8. Anxiety: If you get stuck or start feeling anxious, take a break of 2-3 minutes to refresh yourself, eg. Get a drink of water, stretch or get some fresh air.

9. Avoid Panicky: Don’t panic, if you don’t know an answer, eliminate options you know are incorrect and then make an educated guess.

10. Mark Done Questions: Whenever a question is attempted, mark a tick in question paper to signify done questions. At the end review the question paper to check unmarked questions. This will help you to see that you have attempted all questions.

11. Don’t change haphazardly: Don’t change your answer unless you are sure your second answer is correct.

12. Review: Try to keep some time for review of Answers, revise those answers first, which you think are doubtful.

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Joined: 17/05/2006
great tips

These should be very helpful for Students.

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Joined: 31/01/2011
Well..very nice tips!

Well..very nice tips!