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shoby's picture
Joined: 05/10/2006

How to how to express myself

they have been locked inside

in my uncontrollable heart

if world listens them

it will eulogize

as they are full of interest

as bottle neck with butter stotch

i cliche’ generations

that do not lend their ears to this visious circle,

too many waves of emotions inside

but i can’t…

my morale is too sturrbunned

again can’t emerge out

when thou imagine about my thoughts

thy will be become spell bound

just want to gorge on my hearts strings


but still can’t express myself

[this poem has been composed by me ,leave your comments what you feel about it,what you feel about my thinking]

Anonymous's picture
ur poem was gr8!!!

hey there!!!!!keep up the good work u can become a poet u know!
class 10th student.......

shbhm11's picture
Joined: 08/12/2010
keeping on pasting such

keeping on pasting such things, u wud make a good impression.

jhonman11's picture
Joined: 23/02/2012

hiiiii shoby
Hey great work shoby..Keep it up!!!