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cbse books

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yeashika's picture
Joined: 03/10/2007

i think CBSE books are not too clear they r all in paragraph form.
what u think???

niharika aggarwal's picture
Joined: 20/08/2007
i really don't think so

i really don't think so

LilyLuna's picture
Joined: 22/02/2008
well, they're not crystal

well, they're not crystal clear either, you know. I mean, maths book is so not complete..you need all the reference books there are available - atleast, I do..

Anonymous's picture
i so do........they don

i so do........they don convey anything in systematic manner and more over the worst thing......there is hardly any connection between the concepts explained and the unsolved questions at the back....there are too high and u need formulas that don't come under that topic to solve them!!......chem especially