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CBSE Multimedia Animated CD DVD : Free Delivery Dial 01164614067

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Joined: 30/08/2007

Making Study Easy
Voice, Lectures, Notes,
Easy Learning Techniques,
Theory, Flow Charts, Practicals,
Question & Answers, Graphics, Piracy protection.
Upgrades Your Learning Capacity !
Call Now : 011- 64 61 40 67
*Free Home Delivery.
20,00,00 Students trust on it.

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Joined: 17/05/2006
can u upload some sample content

There are so many CDs out there that are just useless.

Can u upload some samples so that we can see and judge the conteny of your CD before deciding to buy.

Also, maybe cbsenotes could do an independent evaluation of your CD.

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Joined: 30/08/2007
Thanks for your comments !!

Dear Manik,
We are thankful for your comments, also we want to change your perception about this product.
Please let us know your e-mail ID, we will send you the Demo contents of our CDs. Defenately you will find it different.
there are so many students using these CDs and they are requesting us to develop CDs on other areas of education also.

Also we want to send a free copy to you by courier at your address (if you provide), because we want to thank you for your comments given on this product.

Thanks & Regards
Team TopRank India

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Joined: 18/06/2008
hi are they really free but

hi are they really free but please send me a specimen so that i can judge it

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sir i wanted to know these type of cds nd dvds are available in commerce stram also....
from rajat jatana...... email- jatana.rajat@gmail.com

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Sir, Whenever we go to

Whenever we go to a shop to purchase a book we first take a glance over it. Without looking the contents how can we go ahead to purchase it. please upload some samples. It will help us to evaluate them.
SHARAD MISHRA. sharad_4u1@rediffmail.com

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demo cd for 11th class mathematics

hello sir,
i am really confused with cd's available in market.if you could mail me the demo material at my email-id:rajib.silicon@gmail.com it would help me in placing an order for it.

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Hi,Top Rank TEAM
is this according to fully CBSC syllabus?and where can i got it i want to know what is special in this book......if it is really a good source of learning,i will suggest my all student to buy it..........thanks
vishnu prabhakra rajoria