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CBSE Notes 2011-2012



Pollution is one of the greatest problems of today. We are living in the age of pollution. We breathe polluted air, drink polluted water, eat polluted food and live in polluted environment. The first five countries that are polluting most in the world are The U.S.A., C.I.S., Brazil, China, and India. America is the world’s biggest polluter.


There are several means by which we get knowledge today- the Radio, the Cinema, the News Papers, and The T.V. But the reading of books is the most ancient and most effective of them. Napoleon has rightly said ‘Reading is key to knowledge and knowledge means power.’ Many kinds of books are available in the world. Books are our most sincere friends. They demand nothing form us.


A paper which brings news from north, east, west and south is called a news paper. It gives us news of the whole world. The news papers are published in several languages. Some news papers are published for all, some for doctors and some for teachers. News papers are very cheap to buy. They increase our knowledge. They give us new ideas.

Maths Sample Paper class X sa-II HOTS/ best questions

Try to solve before time runs out...

Julius Caesar (translation)

Act 2, Scene 2


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Modern Text

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