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CBSE Notes 2011-2012


How Do Organisms Reproduce: Notes

Just the other day, I found some notes, solved and unsolved papers, etc in one of the sights, so I thought I'd poast them here. There are a lot of files!!!

Heridity And Evolution: Notes

These are some notes for the chapter "Heridity and Evolution". Sample questions are also added.

maths sample paper

maths sample paper

history notes sa2

from meritnation

Periodic Classification of Elements: Notes

Here are some notes for the chapter "Periodic Classification of Elements", Chemistry Class X. All the notes were typed, so excuse me if there are spelling mistakes.:)

Human Eye and the Colourful World: Notes

Here are some notes for the chapter "Human Eye and the Colourful World". I thought I'd poast this here so that others can make use of it. I'm also adding a question bank of this chapter that I found in one of the websites.

Hope you find this useful:)

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