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CBSE Notes 2011-2012


how do organisms reproduce their copies

*how do organisms create their own species? Ans. The basic event of reproduction is creation of a dna copy . Chromosomes in the nucleaus of any bell contain dna . The dna is the source of information for making proteins . The change in proteins may lead to differentiation in body design of the progeny . Therefore any organism creates two copies of dna which are similar but not identical .


Exams are undoubtedly not too far and it's obvious that many of us are on jitters! But here I'm suggesting some tips for my peers.

Sample paper of Marhematics Class Xth-Tushar Chetan

Hai Friends this is last year board question of class Xth .

best refresher


i want to know which is the best refresher of science and maths

Date Sheet X Board

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