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CBSE Notes 2011-2012


pls help! v.imp find the answer

satheeh traders received a bank statement showing a favourable balance of rs.10,392
for the period ended on 30june,2010, this did not agree with the balance in the cash book.
1. a deposit of rs.3000 the cashier mistakely entered the gross amt in the bank column of the cash book.
2. 92 paid on 29june,2010 had not been credited by the bank until 1july.2010

cbse sample paper of english

oswaal sample paper

SMART EXAM PREPARATION - 12 important ways and tricks to improve your writing skills

Here I present for the dear students, 12 important ways and tricks to improve your writing skills while writing in exam copies to gain more marks for your knowledge:

General Instructions
Before you start:
1. Take a selection of differently shaped pens. 

Mechanical Properties of solid Note_Physics

*Elasticity: It is a property of a body, by virtue of wich it regains its shape. and Deformation caused is known as elastic deformation

*Plasticity: Tndency of a body to retain it's shape is known as plasticity. and these kinds of substances are known as plastic substances

To score cent percent in maths

1. Write down the formulas in a separate book after byhearting them and read them before going to bed each night so that you wont forget them.
2. Listen to the lecture and take personal notes.
3. Practise all the questions in the text book ,i.e., both examples and exercise questions.



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