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CBSE Notes 2011-2012

Forest Transformation in Java (part)-1

        Importance of Kalang for Dutch:

  • Needed for ship buliding: Kalangs were the best skilled forest cutters and shifting cultivators, who could be useful for cutting woods(teak), useful for making ships in less time.
  • Needed for buliding houses: They would build palaces for the king, they were very useful for the rapid expansion of colonialism of Dutch.

       Dutch Scientific Forestry: (included)

  • Restriction and no access for Java people to forest.
  • Ban on grazing land.
  • Ban on use of forest products (like wood) to Java villagers.
  • Travel in forest was prohibited.

       Profit from Dutch Scientific Forestry:

  • Use of making shipbuilding and railway was easy.
  • More lands can be used for cultivation.
  • Use of forest product helped increase the profit.