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CBSE Notes 2011-2012

guidance for students

hi, students. There is no subject interesting than maths if you do it by self learning. Start from basic maths , many of us cannot add fractional and decimal numbers.some of us cannot solve even problems involving lcm ,hcf, profit, loss,percent. Some of us find algebra difficult to learn, its due to our lack of our basic knowledge. We face difficulty in solving even linear equations because we do not know why sign changes, why we subtract+ - values when there is + sign between them.
So my advise is that first learn basic maths,do not look at your marks, ask yourself what you have learn and what you can do. It will give you inner pleassure and you will like maths. Then after sometime you will be able to solve even difficult problems.
Maths problems trains to solve problems of our life as well, because it teaches us to solve them step by step and simplifies them.
Best of luck for future.