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CBSE Notes 2011-2012

How to make your errors help you learn

What do you do when an answer is wrong in your homework, or on a test? Do you throw it away and forget it-and then make the same mistake the next time? If you are wise, you will make those errors teach you something. Here’s what you can do:

1. Analyze the error to see if you can find what you did wrong.

2. If it is a careless error and you really knew how to do the work correctly, make a note of it, and if you find that you keep making careless errors frequently, start working more carefully.

3. If you can’t find where your error is, ask the teacher or a classmate to help you.

4. Keep a page in your notebook entitled, “Warning: Errors to Avoid.” On the same page write a description of the corrected way to do that kind of exercise, being sure to emphasize the important idea behind it.

Uttakarsh Tikku's picture
Joined: 03/01/2009

I am a class X student and I am very much moved by this article as it not only highlights the reality(negligence and carelessness) of the students but is also helping my cause.
I am suffering from a similar problem with science.I know all the solutions and all know it very well. And my teachers expect a 100% from me. But off late I have been making such careless mistakes that my scoring limits to just 80-85%. Everyone has forgotten my past credentials and that dream run of IX. They have turned my critics. PLEASE HELP!!!


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hello iam garvi and iam

iam garvi
and iam class 10th student
the teachers say that i have all the potential to score 100% in all the subjects

but every time i do some silly mistakes
please help me

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Joined: 01/10/2011
simpling my soul

hello!i am a student of class x.teachers say that i have the potential to score 100%,but i make many silly mistakes.when my exams are over i feel i have done it but the silly mistakes lower my marks.i know all the sums,definitions & equations but during the exam time i feel myself insecure,so i do silly mistakes.can someone help me?