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I need guidance

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Joined: 27/03/2012

can anyone help me about the ways , processes , steps as well as scopes for getting a good job in medical sector (better if govt. job) and for good courier opportunities for the same. I want to ask the significance of PMT exam and why is held. What refrence books should i refer for my better performance in 12th as well as in some entrance tests which can also be done within the time period without wasting my time because i m not good at cruming the topics , i just can understand them but can not learn them word by word. Is there anyone who can help me with satisfactory and accurate advices and informations as well as guidance??

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Joined: 19/10/2011
Hi Venisha AIPMT is also

Hi Venisha
AIPMT is also conducted by CBSE Board. This exam is conducted to admit students for all states Medical and Medical related colleges. This is nothing but ALL Medical Colleges (Except J&K, AP) surrender 15% of their seats to this board where students can easily get into. But it contains two parts of test, one is Prelims and another one is Mains.
If U didnt qualify in Prelims You will not be called for Mains.