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CBSE Notes 2011-2012

Iken - Virtual Interactive Education

Iken.in is an interactive knowledge sharing & social networking site, built on a collaborative learning model. The website is built keeping in mind the specific needs & dynamics involved in a learning process. Its participatory learning model helps users to share content and connect with peers. Apart from User Generated Content, UGC, users can also learn by taking tests available on the website which is customized for each standard (grade) in the K-12 segment. Also, Iken.in has a play section which features educational interactive games.

Built around socio-educational-networking concept, Iken.in primarily is a knowledge sharing website with a social networking feature.
The website is developed around key sections Share, Connect, Learn, Test and Play. The ‘Connect’ section allows users to connect with peers & virtual mentors. The ‘Learn’ section on Iken consists of curriculum oriented content developed by Iken which can be customized by users to meet their specific requirements. The ‘Test’ feature allows users to test their level of knowledge and provides a real time performance assessment personalized manner. The ‘Share’ section allows users to creative multimedia content with others in the form of videos, presentations, documents, etc. Users receive constructive feedback from peers & other participants. The ‘Play’ on Iken consists of learning oriented educational games which helps students learn in an interactive and fun way.

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Numbers speak for themselves


The above link contains statistics for the website: