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CBSE Notes 2011-2012

Is It that much difficult!!!!!!

Mathematics and Physics are not just subjects they have a life dissolved in them, often seem tangled and confusing. But seriously they are not as difficult as we fear.These are the subjects of great significance in our life but don`t have any geographical boundaries. it could be expanded in every second even by you just need to take inspiration from dynamic nature. Though it would seem hypothetical to you but reality is that it is perfectly true. 

Only thing which you require to master these subjects is hard and determined practice and notion in mind to acquire knowledge. Practicing them everyday could boost your skills daily, rather than wasting time on all futile activities that will cause no good for your future we should practice them only for an hour a day.

Hope you would see the results soon.
These subjects are like pools with no boundaries multiplying  each second and we could be great even we could conquer a bucket out of it!!!!!!

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I like your thought brother

I like your thought brother this is the true science.