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Mass Media Studies Vocational Stream 2013

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Joined: 16/03/2013

Below is a sample question paper pattern for Mass Media Studies that I would like to share

"The creative & Commercial Process in Mass Media "
Paper II course code 739

Short answers (70-100 words)   3x5=15
1. What is Multimedia? State a few uses.
2. "Advertising your Product without distracting the viewers" Name the type of advertising and discuss.
3. Define briefly the functions of Motion Tween and Shape tween
4. Digital convergence has brought about a shift in advertising trends.  Comment.
5. What is the functional use of Adobe Pagemaker?

Long Answers (120-150 words ) 6x4=24
1. Celebrity endorsement has its own risks and benefits.  Mention in detail.
2. Video is available in analogue as well as digital formats.  Explain
3. What are the steps to make Prototype of an Advertisement.
4. Market segmentation is to break larger markets into smaller ones. Explain the process.

Short answers (70-100 words)  3x3=9
1. NGOs, Government agencies as well as UN agencies have institutionalized Advocay Advertising. quote the strength & weakness of this.
2. How important is sound in multimedia?
What is Citizen Journalism
3. What are the basic hardware and software requirements to use multimedia?

long answers (120-150 words) 6x2=12
1.  Child labor is a punishable offence..yet the general public ignores this. What measures will you take as a responsible citizen to eradicate this social evil.
2. Social networking sites if used wisely is a boon, else a curse.  Comment.

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Joined: 16/03/2013
The question paper pattern I

The question paper pattern I have made is in interest of students getting exposure to media