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Paper 1:Constructions -01

Paper 2:Some Applications of Trigonometry -01

Paper 3:Introduction to Trigonometry -01

Paper 4:Coordinate Geometry -01

Paper 5:Triangles -01

Paper 6:Arithmetic Progressions -01

Paper 7:Quadratic Equations -01

Paper 8:Real Numbers -01

Paper 9:Polynomials -01

Paper 10:Pair of Linear Equations in two variables -01

Paper 11:Circles -01

Paper 12:Areas Related to Circles -01

Paper 13:Surface Areas and volumes -01

Paper 14:Statistics -01

Paper 15:Probability -01

Paper 16:Polynomials -02

Paper 17:Pair of Linear Equations in two variables -02

Paper 18:Quadratic Equations -02

Paper 19:Arithmetic Progressions -02

Paper 20:Triangles -02

Paper 21:Coordinate Geometry -02

Paper 22:Introduction to Trigonometry -02

Paper 23:Some Applications of Trigonometry -02

Paper 24:Circles -02