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malti's picture
Joined: 20/08/2011

class 11 physics ids too tough!!!!

what to do then?????

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Joined: 17/09/2011

physics is so simple read one part from start 2 end

Suvankar Biswas's picture
Joined: 27/09/2011
Physics is not so hard....

As ur febrit subject(if any!!).... Physics is also very interesting subject.... First of all u hv to change ur mind set dat its a difficult subject.... Then try to get a grip on its concepts.... For it first of all note down all d formulas of a chapter and revise it daily.... Then try to solve simple numericals based upon these formulas....

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Joined: 30/09/2011
This is the best in Physics I

This is the best in Physics I have found online : www.visual-ink.in
this is best site for 11th student. i m also used..