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RD Sharma Solutions, CCE pattern papers, IIT, AIEEE

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Joined: 12/05/2010

RD sharma solutions, latest CBSE CCE pattern papers, NCERT solutions, much more..

For the time in India the complete mathematics solutions is now here. Students nightmare is now about to get over with the launch of this extremely awesome website


Hey friends believe me this is not a website but a huge big education portal. I am bound to ask myself that what not this site offers.
Classes catered are
9th CBSE/ ICSE, 10th CBSE/ICSE, 11th, 12th, IIT, AIEEE, Olympiad, SAT & NTSE.

The following are the services that are being offered:

1. Video Teaching -> Exclusive classroom lectures.

2. Complete Books Solutions -> NCERT, R.D.Sharma solutions (very important book), M.L.Aggarwal solutions, Thomas Finney solutions, I.A.Maron solutions, S.L.Loney solutions, Hall & Knight, TMH and many other etc. Complete solved R.D Sharma.

3. Online Objective Tests -> Future India exams getting online like CAT online in 2010. Special BITS test series, exclusive quality objective tests.

4. Model/Sample test papers latests pattern -> 9th (ICSE/ CBSE), 10th(ICSE/ CBSE), IIT, AIEEE, SAT, NTSE, OLYMPIAD.

5. Previous Year Solved Papers -> 9th national schools; 10th boards; +1 national schools; 12th boards; IIT-JEE; AIEEE, Olympiad RMO, INMO, IMO which includes 59 countries INMO papers solved, NTSE. SAT papers.

6. Full length Mock tests latest pattern --> Excellent striking rate. Specially boards and AIEEE. Latests CCE pattern sample papers 9th class and 10th (total exclusive)

7. Objective Practice -> Practice objective questions and get alongside Pioneer Smart Solution. awesome quality questions.

8. Vedic Mathematics -> Exclusive mathematics tricks and very important in mathematics competitive exams with a guarantee that you can beat the calculator speed. Mandatory for conpetitve exams where 40 questions to be solved in 30 minutes..

9. Correspondence Course -> Exclusive Pioneer booklets delivered at your doorstep and solutions available online. brain boggelers, try its, crackers, star questions. 100% confidence building and 100% quality questions that you have never done before.

10. Doubt forum -> Mathematics problem solution in your inbox within 3-4 hrs.

11. Formula Bar -> Revise all you formulas.

12. Unit convertor -> Converts all important units in this world including area, preassure, velocity, temp. etc.

13. Motivational -> Real Life inspiring stories and videos to motivate students to achieve their aim.

14. Beat Mathematics Monster and earn Rs.21000/- prizes, Result Alerts, Exams Alerts etc.

15. CBSE/ ICSE latest pattern guess papers.

16. Special IIT Foundation courses for 9th and 10th class containing concept maps, objective questions, theories.

17. Special OLYMPIAD foundation courses for 9th and 10th class containing concept maps, objective questions, theories.

18. Special BITS test Series.

Never forget : The competition is really fierce and it is a war and only the toughest will survive and http://www.pioneermathematics.com gives training to make you tougher.

Good Luck!! Fell the difference.


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Joined: 19/10/2011
Thanks Ritika you are

Thanks Ritika you are providing here such a valuable information,These study material really helpful in exams,but studyadda.com also provide these kind of materials,cfan they help us.
CBSE study material