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CBSE Notes 2011-2012


Changes in the Social Science syllabus of class X and Economics, Accountancy and Geography syllabuses of class XII

The following is the circular issued by CBSE highlighting the changes in syllabus applicable from year  2008 and onwards.

CBSE announces date sheets for 2007 Exam

You can download it from here:

CLASS Xth (10th)


CLASS XIIth (12th)


CBSE revises question paper format for Classes X and XII

The Central Board of Secondary Education has revised the design of question papers in all the major subjects of Classes XII and X to assess Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) in children that will focus on evaluating their abilities to reason and analyse than simply their memorising power.


A Great Book of Accountancy for class XII and XI. This book is strongly recommended by the experts, teachers and chartered accountants. Use this book and see why people are getting 100% marks in accountancy.
you can contact Vishvas Publications:

Vishvas Publications

Mass Media Studies Vocational Stream 2013

The question paper pattern I have made is in interest of students getting exposure to media

SMART EXAM PREPARATION - 12 important ways and tricks to improve your writing skills

Here I present for the dear students, 12 important ways and tricks to improve your writing skills while writing in exam copies to gain more marks for your knowledge:

General Instructions
Before you start:
1. Take a selection of differently shaped pens. 

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