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CBSE Notes 2011-2012

Tips for Success

Why computer

As we know that this is the age of computer and IT. The information is needed by every body to take a good dicision and the information is made only by the various raw facts in large amount. to manage this large amount data we need a consist collector and processor of that data. And computer has both these qualities. This is very good tool to make an analysis. We can perform a lots of thing using computer.

To succeed in computer science

# Try to be creative and more logical while learning programming in any high level language like C/C++.

# Programming is never a hard job but it require a deep sense of reasoning and the proper usuage.

Multimedia Animated CD DVD CBSE

Students and teachers are using animated CD DVDs for better understanding of Concepts, because we can see visuals, motions practicals.


work hard to acieve sucess

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