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Teachers! The endangered species!

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Joined: 20/11/2006
We have moved irreversibly too far away from the centuries old practice of the erstwhile India, the gurukul days. Students, called shisyaks, stayed and lived with the Guru, the Teacher, in his ashram (school). They did everything to the guru, helping him with his personal and social obligations, daily chores, house keeping - apart from the time that they spent with him Learning! And, what did they learn. Sure, they did learn about worldly knowledge and a wealth of information. Was it just that, or was it more? They learnt manners, thus building character, above all - love, affection and their duties to humanity!


No parent, whether they be ordinary people, kings or emperors, complained about their wards helping their gurus , their peers and attending to the needs of others. No guru was arrested or jailed for their indomitable act of using their students for the work to be done!

Students neither moaned nor protested about helping or acting according to the guru's wishes! No student droped out of the gurukul, no complaints about the quality of the foodstuff or the dress code and above all no student put a voluntary end to their life, citing the guru's (inhuman) act of using their physical work!

Those days, when India was the leading light of imparting human love and affection to the entire world, apart from being a store house of knowledge! Gone are those days! The golden era of the teaching community, in now a thing of the past. Sigh!

Today, under the ever blinding lights of the media, teachers the torch bearers of knowledge, are at eternal pressure, stress and never ending strain. Teachers, unlike before, are answerable to students, parents, management, media and the public at large - for all their actions however legal it might be!

YES! There may be a few persons (teachers) who might be rude with the students, whose actions result in physical or psychological damage to their students. But remember! They are just a handful, like weeds in a paddy field. Though they have to be identified and removed, it is sheer madness to burn the entire paddy field! Who is at loss? Teachers? No.

A student fails to do the homework or doesn't prepare and consequently puts forth a poor performance in the tests! Alas! The blame is squarely on the poor teacher. For, the unfortunate teacher can't do anything to correct the student. no penalties, nothing, lest the students does something to himself or the teacher!

The media is always there like a vulture scooping down, with their never ending YES or NO questions to their loyal viewers, adding their very own spicy masala to the story, making a demon of the poor creature called teacher! All this, excluding the politics and politicians.

The media and the politicians (poachers), always lurk around, waiting for that first spark of fire that a parent or student might evoke, hunting down yet another member of the unique species - The teacher! Alas! The judiciary listens only to what the witnesses say, without considering the degree of truth in it, and pass orders to crucify the teacher!

I am not in any way advocating a revocation of Gurukul system of education. Let the parents and media understand that the children are the future citizens of our nation, and the fast shrinking global village. The children need character, manners, behaviour, mutual love and affection not just education that leads to medals, certificates and accolades! Of course they do matter, but are they just the matter of getting or giving education ?

True teachers are the need of this hour, who can save, guide the children in the right direction, given the rise in drug abuse, terrorism and every other anti social tentacles that spread in all directions much faster than the forest fire! After all, to the children - the teachers at school are what parents are at home!

With all the high salaried IT jobs around, already there is an alarming shortage of teachers. If the current treatment continues, then the teachers, one day, may well become EXTINCT and can be only found as drawings in the history text books - just the way we look at the glorious gurukul days a guru seated under a tree with his shisyaks seated in front of him! Teachers , the endangered species!