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CBSE Notes 2011-2012

Terrorism- the living killer

Man in greed for power and modernisation is heading towards its end. He being unaware of the fact that the means he is using are against humanity. Just because of the some brainless people the whole human species is being blamed for the destruction of the mother earth. I don’t know what these people will get after mercilessly killing people worldwide. It seems that the fast spreading terrorism will gulp the whole earth one day. India is one of the oldest civilisation with wide range of diversity and cultural heritage is now appears at the verge of destruction. The nuclear weapons these so called terrorist use are harmful to living as well as the nature. Today man do not understand the meaning of non violence, they think that they can win only by violence. How can we forget about the India that Mahatma Gandhi has dreamt of? Some people who try to raise their voice, on failing once give up their hope but they don’t realize that "COURAGE DOES NOT ALWAYS ROAR. SOMETIMES IT IS QUIET VOICE AT THE END OF THE DAY SAYING, I WILL TRY AGAIN TOMORROW." These people should be carefully dealt. After all we know drop by drop ocean is filled. Democracy gives us the right to raise our voice against this life taking monster- TERRORISM. It is evident from the attacks at the crowded places and well known and big places that this menace cannot be stopped completely. There is a fear in people's mind that makes them reluctant to move out on national events and festivals. For the welfare of the mankind and our coming generations there is the urgent need to come up with a solution and according to me it can only be done if the government of all the nations join hands and fight for same cause. I myself have raised  my voice and will do anything in this cause and i hope for the better future for the coming generation and the world which is full of love, peace harmony and brotherhood.