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CBSE Notes 2011-2012


A paper which brings news from north, east, west and south is called a news paper. It gives us news of the whole world. The news papers are published in several languages. Some news papers are published for all, some for doctors and some for teachers. News papers are very cheap to buy. They increase our knowledge. They give us new ideas. They are very useful for the people who do not study after primary stage. They give us information about weather. They have made the whole world a family. A job seeker can find a suitable job through the news papers. A sports fan can find the latest information about his favorite game. A worried father can find a suitable bride-g-room for her grown up daughter with the help of a news paper. They develop good qualities in people. The news papers may be harmful. They may publish false reports. Thus we see that news papers have both advantages and disadvantages. We should always read the good news papers.