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CBSE Notes 2011-2012

The frog and the nightingale

the poem frog and the nightingale is a satire. indeed it is a fable in which the frog and the nightingaleact and behave like humans. it ia also a humarous poem. a sence of human is revealed throughtout the poem as the frog and the nightingale represents two segments of human nature, the nightingale is an innocent, simple singer and easily fooled by the crafty frog. on the other hand the frog is wise to influence the nightingale and trap her with his sweet words.

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exelent i want to see the vidio

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but we cannot call the frog

but we cannot call the frog 'wise' because his character is a negative one..he is arrogant,untalented and dismissive.

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ashima jain

this a a subjective poem by vikram seth. through this poem he tries to show two sides of human nature...one is very gullible(nightingale) and the other is very clever(the frog).the nightingale is overpowered by the frog due to her trusting nature and in the whole poem the frog shines out as a hero who was determined,confident and wity whereas the nightingale was totally contrary to his behaviour...she so madly believed in frog's false talks taht she had to pay for it ...she died!! and the frog was successful to overthrow nightingale.

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I want answer

in this poem the empidement of the wickedness of the modern man pls give you agrree this pks send ur answer in sadiqkAkkayangad@gmail.com