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CBSE Notes 2011-2012


Welcome to quicksilver's personal site

I am a teacher.

City : Delhi
Experience : 18 years Yrs
Qualification : BA (Hons) English, B.Ed
Joined on : 02-10-2011

Subjects I teach :

Classes I teach:

About Me : Greetings!!! If proactive, optimistic, creative, reasonably restless, forthcoming and motivated is your kind of person ... that's me!!!!! A teacher who still attempts 'teaching' English. I am currently involved with students of classes IX & X and have also spent 10 years teaching 11 & 12. The blessed CCE system with the lure of activity-based learning was tempting enough for me to embrace classes IX & X!!!!! I view this space as a classroom revisited zone...only more attractive, active and productive! I'm overboard with this part of technology as it allows me and you the magic of exploration. I hope it appeals to all of you as you embark on each project! I'd welcome all to my world here as long as they promise to enjoy themselves while learning and help me enjoy myself do the same too!!!

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