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why are all the CBSE social science text books based on INDIA only???

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Najat Mohd's picture
Joined: 23/09/2008

Any body studying in a CBSE board affiliated school for more than 3 or 4 years will notice that all the social science text books of lower as well as higher clsses are based on India ONLY.Its not that the indian history geography andpolitics musnt be tought but it has to be infact it is a nonedniable fact that all the indian kids should know about their sacred land but that doesnt mean that they have to stay ignorent about the outsideworld becouse one way or the other it will affect them infact it has affected me as a noneindian student studying in an indian school and for 13 years being filled up with facts abbout india that doesnt make sense i hope the consoultent aouthorities look upon this matter seriously.......