Senior club sex underwear technician health care

Senior club sex underwear technician health care

Senior club sex underwear technician health care

As a unique clothing, sexy underwear is not just pure sexy and decorative, but more hooks with health care.The sexy underwear technicians in the senior club should be responsible for the health of customers, so they need to master some basic health knowledge to provide customers with better services.The following is the relevant knowledge of the health underwear technicians.

1. Materials with good breathability

The material of the sexy underwear should be used for cotton, Modal and other materials with good breathability and soft texture.In particular, people with allergies need to pay more attention to the choice of materials and reduce the stimulation of allergies to the skin.

2. Avoid that the sexy underwear is too tight

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When buying sexy underwear, we should pay attention to the appropriate size. Do not choose too tight underwear, otherwise it is easy to cause breast pain, breast hyperplasia, and irregular menstrual period, affecting health.

3. Maintain good underwear cleaning habits

The cleaning of underwear is crucial, and some unqualified washing methods will greatly destroy the health effects of underwear.The cleaning of sexy underwear should be taken to clean the high -quality detergent such as soap powder, while avoiding exposure and using a dryer.

4. In special circumstances, health care is preferred

For some physiological and lactation periods, women during pregnancy, they must be considered when choosing sexy underwear. If necessary, they can also communicate with professional physicians. You need to pay special attention to health care.

5. The wear of sexy underwear needs to be replaced at any time

Although sexy underwear is different from functional underwear, it must be replaced in time due to wearing reasons.If the underwear is severely worn, even if you use the best quality health sexy underwear, it will also affect its health effect.

6. Strengthen the support of sexy underwear on the back

Back is the main support organs of our body, and it is also the main part of stress and fatigue accumulation.Intelligent underwear should pay attention to strengthening support for the back to effectively relieve back discomfort.

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7. Select underwear that helps to reduce blood accumulation

Blood accumulation is one of the culprits of many women’s diseases.In the selection of sexy underwear, we must pay more attention to sharing and reduce the pressure of blood accumulation to ensure that women are healthy.

8. Avoid making too much pressure on sexy underwear to make too much pressure

The more the sexy underwear is not as tight as possible. If the too tight underwear will cause too much pressure, and the oxygen of the body will not be unpleasant, it will affect health.Therefore, when women wear sexy underwear, they should not only value the beauty of the shape, but pay attention to the health effect of underwear on the body.

9. Take off your underwear in time to soothe your body

Wearing underwear for a long time can cause physical imbalance and unspokenness, causing physical health problems.Women should pay attention to the comfort of the body at any time, and remove underwear in time when conditions permit to relieve physical pressure.

10. Choose the sexy lingerie style that conforms to your own

Girls of different figures and personality need to meet their own sexy lingerie styles.Only by choosing a underwear style that is suitable for you can the maximum effect be guaranteed to protect your health, and it will also enhance self -confidence and comfort.

Our physical health is crucial to every woman. Wearing erotic underwear must also be adapted to it, especially the high -level club sexy underwear technicians.Serve.