Sexuality Emotional Lingerie Women’s Set Temptation Three Points

Sexuality Emotional Lingerie Women's Set Temptation Three Points


More and more women have begun to pay attention to their underwear quality and style. Sexuality and sexy underwear played more and more important characters in the role -playing and interactive games between men and women.Women’s suits are one of them. Today we will explore the seductive three -point style of sexy underwear.

Design ideas

The design of sexy underwear women’s suits is mainly based on the charm and sexy of women, so most of the warm colors such as red and pink are used. At the same time, the design is designed with transparent materials such as lace and mesh.Sexy and tempting effects.


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Sexuality Fun underwear women’s suits are often used in vest and triangle type. The front cups often have suspenders and buttons, which can freely adjust the tightness and adapt to women with different figures.The color and flower types are diverse, mainly based on bold colors and fashionable patterns, which can be used to add fun interaction between couples.

Underflow design

Sexual feelings are usually T-rear or thongs. This design can effectively highlight the hip and leg curve of women and form a sexy effect.In terms of materials, transparent materials, such as lace, mesh, etc., can expose part of the skin to create an attractive atmosphere.

Accessory design

Sexual feelings are very important for the design of the accessories of women’s lingerie women’s sets. Common accessories include stockings, gloves, masks, etc.The design of stockings is mainly black and flesh -colored. Gloves emphasize details. Masks often use black lace or mesh, which can increase the sense of mystery and temptation of women, and also enriches the shooting and performance effects of sexy underwear.

Applicable scene

Sexual feelings are suitable for many different occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, Birthday anniversary, and gathering between girlfriends.At the same time, it is also applicable to the shooting and performance of the studio, which can add fun of role -playing and interactive games.

Purchase precautions

When buying sexual relationship, you need to pay attention when you need to choose a suit that is suitable for your body. Different designs are suitable for different figures. SecondlyChoose, choose a style and occasion that suits you.

Sexy Costumes

Maintenance and cleaning

Correct understanding and making interesting underwear maintenance and cleaning are one of the necessary measures to ensure sexual interest. It is best to wash it with your hands. Do not rub it hard.Washing separately from other clothes, the story on the rivers and lakes says that new clothes must be put in a salt to prevent the clothes from fading.Avoid direct sunlight to prevent aging.Do not use chlorine -containing bleach to maintain the beauty and texture of its material.


As a new type of underwear style, the design and material choices are very unique and excellent.Whether it is adding fun interaction between husband and wife or shooting and performances of the studio, it has extremely high use value and artistic value, and it is worth trying and exploring.