Sexuria underwear photo set shooting

Sexuria underwear photo set shooting

Sexuria underwear photo set shooting


Shooting sex underwear photo album is a common way today. Whether it is a business activity or a private hobby, it has high popularity and ornamental.This article will introduce you to the shooting methods, processes and precautions of the sex lingerie photo album. I hope it will be helpful to you.

Preliminary preparation

Before the shooting of sex underwear photo albums, we first need to prepare the shooting venue, modeling design, hairstyle makeup, shooting machines and teams.Among them, it is important to note that you must choose the right venue and shooting machine, and the shooting team must have professional photographers and makeup artists.In addition, it is necessary to fully communicate with the shooting object to ensure that it has the theme and content of shooting and understanding the shooting.

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Shooting process

The shooting process of sexy underwear photo albums generally includes the following steps:

1. Preparation before shooting: including venue layout, props preparation, makeup hairstyle, etc.

2. Shooting idea: Reasonable photography ideas and creative concepts based on the theme and scene attributes.

3. Shooting the subject: When shooting, you need to make fine shapes and positioning of the subject, and try a combination set of multiple angles to enhance the visual impact.

4. Late shooting: Editing, dubbing, coloring and other post -processing techniques after shooting are made to make a sexy underwear photo album with high quality and visual impact.

Shooting skills

The shooting of sexy underwear photo albums requires multiple techniques and precautions, including:

1. Light control: ensure the stability of the shooting time and light brightness and color.

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2. Unique composition: conceive a unique composition method, focus on the performance of the overall space.

3. Emoticon action: Pay attention to the naturalness and fluency of the character’s expressions and movements when shooting.

4. Attribute matching: Focus on the combination and fusion of sexy underwear and scene props.


Balance the rights and interests of both men and women, avoid any personal violations and rights and interests, and ensure the safety and dignity of the shooting object.

Post -shooting

After completing the shooting of the sex underwear photo album, post -production and treatment are required.The processing process includes the selection, editing, color adjustment, audio and sound effects of material, making the final product quality more interesting, artistic and sexy.

Promote marketing

After completing the production of sexy underwear photo albums, marketing and promotion are needed to promote exposure and enhance the popularity of the brand.It can be promoted through various channels, such as pictures, Weibo blog promotion, and videos.


The shooting of sexy underwear photo albums requires comprehensive preparations, humanized shooting techniques and reasonable post -production and processing.At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the legal, honest, fair and openness of marketing and marketing, and improve the professionalism and efficiency of shooting teams and shooting objects.I hope this article can bring you some revelation and help!