Sexy underwear boyfriend torn every time

Sexy underwear boyfriend torn every time


Many female lovers like to buy sexy underwear, especially the different styles.However, many women encounter problems that their boyfriends always tear their sexy underwear.What caused this phenomenon, how can we solve this problem?

Cause Analysis

Sex underwear is usually made of thinner materials, and sometimes inlaid with lace and other decorations in a specific location.These decorations may make sexy underwear easily damage when they are intense exercise or intimate contact.In addition, some men will not pay attention to protecting uniforms because of their sexual impulses, causing tearing.In addition, if the underwear size is inappropriate, it may also have a negative impact on its comfort and service life.

How to solve?

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Choose higher quality underwear

First of all, choosing high -quality sexy underwear is an important factor in solving this problem.High -quality underwear is better than cheap underwear in terms of strength, comfort and durability to meet the needs of you and boyfriend.

Consultation size issues

Size is a very important issue when choosing a sexy underwear.Make sure you choose the underwear size for you, and you can maintain comfort and durability during your boyfriend’s use.

Improve my boyfriend’s consciousness

Boyfriend’s awareness of protection is also important.Communicate with his boyfriend, tell him that the sexy underwear needs to be careful, and should not be rushed to take off or pull hard, and it is best to check the washing and maintenance instructions before use.Improve my boyfriend’s consciousness and reduce the damage to sexy underwear.

Use condom

For some particularly fierce outdoor sex, we recommend using condoms.Constitution can reduce her boyfriend’s friction of sexy underwear and protect the integrity of underwear.



Many issues we need to consider when buying and using sexy underwear.Size, quality, and boyfriend protection consciousness are all issues we need to pay attention to.Only after the above problems are solved can we enjoy the happiness and fun of sexy underwear.