Sexy underwear fake chest video Daquan

Sexy underwear fake chest video Daquan

Sexy underwear fake chest video Daquan

Interest underwear is a must -have for sexual desire and enhancement. Among them, fake breasts are a more common product type.This article recommends the latest and best sexy underwear fake chest videos for the majority of readers. The following introduces one by one:

1. Recommended reason

The biggest feature of sexy underwear fake chest videos is the characteristics of high value, low cost, lasting durability, and are often used for some occasions, such as cosplay, performance, film and television shooting.In addition, fake chests are more convenient to use than real breasts, and can replace the size and shape at will.

2. Material

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The material of the fake chest of sexy underwear includes foam sponge, silicone, plastic, cotton, etc.Among them, the nature of silicone is closest to the real chest shape, but the price is more expensive, and the foam sponge is the most common option.

3. Precautions

Pay attention to the following matters when using sexy underwear: cleaning the bra first, and then stuffing the fake chest into the bra. Pay attention to the size of the fake chest suitable for your bra; the bra and the fake chest need to be cleaned and dry.In addition, the fake chest may be deformed after multiple washing and need to be replaced in time.

4. Brand recommendation

There are many sexy lingerie fake chest brands on the market, including Tomori, Houxin, KBW, etc.The fake chest styles and materials of these brands are relatively rich, and they can be selected according to personal needs.

5. Model selection

There are three types of sexy lingerie fake chest: full cover, half -cover and no cover.The full -cover fake chest occupies the entire bra, which can better increase the form of the cup; the half -cover type fake chest only occupies below the chest, which can make the chest more natural.Essence

6. Selection of fake chest size

Consider your body and chest size when choosing a fake chest.Generally speaking, the size of the fake chest is slightly larger than the chest, which is more natural.In addition, fake chests also have different colors, which can be adjusted according to the skin color.


7. Sexy underwear fake chest video

The following is a popular and high -value sexy lingerie fake chest video:

(Video link)

8. Sexy fake chest is suitable for occasions

False underwear fake breasts are widely used in Cosplay, couples, sexy performances, etc., which can effectively enhance the atmosphere and visual effects.

9. "Fake" but happy feelings

Using sexy underwear fake chest can achieve the effect of breast enhancement and chest, and can also enhance self -confidence and personality charm.The wearing fake chest feels comfortable, so that people can experience the feeling of "fake" but happy.

10. Conclusion

False underwear fake chest is a very practical sexual tool. Choosing the size and material suitable for you can better meet personal needs.Pay attention to cleaning and replacement during use, so as not to affect the use effect.