Should we tear in sexy underwear?

Should we tear in sexy underwear?


The wearing of sexy underwear can not only add interest, but also make the couple closer.But some people think that the sexy underwear itself is enough to attract the attention. Do you need to tear off when you wear it?This problem actually tangled many people.Therefore, today we will discuss whether we wear sexy underwear to tear off.


First of all, it is a very important question to tear off sexy underwear.Some erotic underwear design is a bit complicated. If it is not torn off during sex, it may affect the experience and even destroy the atmosphere.However, some sexy underwear itself is very comfortable, and tearing off will make people feel uncomfortable.Therefore, when choosing to tear, it is necessary to judge according to the specific situation.

Erotic effect

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Whether sexy underwear will affect the fun effect is also a question that many people care about.In fact, sexy underwear has a good fun effect in itself.However, if you tear off your sexy underwear, it will make sex more exciting and have better visual and tactile effects. This is unmatched by ordinary sexy underwear.Therefore, it is very beneficial to tear off the sexy underwear in terms of fun effect.


Tearing of erotic underwear is not only to create a love atmosphere and visual effect, it can also increase the fun experience.In order to make the wearers feel more exciting, some sexy underwear will set a special design.Tore off the sexy underwear can make the wearer feel more exciting and increase the fun experience.However, it should be reminded that before tearing off the sexy underwear, we must determine that the other party is willing and not to cause unnecessary trouble.

Underwear material

Underwear materials are one of the important factors to decide whether to tear off sexy underwear.The material of sexy underwear is generally soft, and it will not cause too much damage to the skin after tearing off.However, some materials are relatively hard. After being torn off, it will scratch the skin and even cause inflammation.Therefore, you need to determine whether the underwear is suitable when choosing to tear.

Personal preferences

It also depends on the preferences of each person.Some people like to have different interesting experiences, and they are more inclined to tear off sexy underwear.And some people think that the sexy underwear itself is enough to be attractive and does not need to tear off.Therefore, you need to consider your preferences and partners when choosing to tear off your sexy underwear.


While tearing off the sexy underwear, it also means destroying it.If this sexy underwear is more special, or like it, then it may be a little regrettable after tearing off.Therefore, when choosing to tear off sexy underwear, you need to consider whether the destructiveness is acceptable.


Time costs

It takes a certain time cost to tear off sex underwear, which is also one of the factors that need to be considered.If sex is too reasonable when sex is in progress, it may make the whole process rigid.Therefore, whether to tear off sexy underwear also needs to consider whether it can be carried out smoothly, will it affect the sex experience.


One problem that needs to be paid attention to when tearing off sexy underwear is safety.There will be some metal or hardware on some sexy underwear. If you accidentally tear it off, you may cause some trauma to the body.Therefore, when choosing to tear off sexy underwear, you must pay attention to safety issues.

in conclusion

If you do not tear the sexy underwear, you should judge according to the specific situation.If the underwear material is soft, the fun effect is good, it can increase the interesting experience, meets personal preferences, and has enough time and security guarantee, then you can consider tearing off.However, if these conditions are not met, it is recommended not to tear off to avoid affecting the interesting experience.