SM cheongsam sex shirt

SM cheongsam sex shirt


SM cheongsam erotic underwear is a very popular sexy underwear in the market. This underwear not only has sexy and sexy elements, but also combines traditional Chinese cheongsam elements, making women look more charming and charming when wearing.There are many types of sexy underwear in SM cheongsam. Different design styles meet the different needs and preferences of consumers.

Style classification

SM cheongsam erotic underwear is mainly divided into two types: back -ups and non -exposed models.The non -exposed style refers to the design of not too much on the back, and pays more attention to the design of elements such as lace, embroidery.The open -back erotic underwear pays more attention to the design of the back, using many elements such as lace mesh and detail processing.


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The style of SM cheongsam sex lingerie is characterized by innovatively combining traditional Chinese cheongsam design elements with the design elements of modern fashion sexy underwear.Cheongsam -style tailoring makes women look elegant and charming when wearing, and add elements such as lace, hollow, lace, etc., which is more sexy and charming.

Color matching

The color matching of SM cheongsam erotic underwear is very diverse. From the traditional red and black to the modern gradient color tone, this allows women to choose the color matching that is most suitable for them according to their preferences and skin colors, so that wearing is more confident and beautiful.

size selection

The size of the SM cheongsam erotic underwear is also very flexible. In addition to the conventional S, M, L size, there is also the selection of XXL or customized models.Consumers can choose the size that suits them according to their body and needs, so that wearing is more personal and comfortable.

the way of buying

SM cheongsam erotic underwear can be purchased on major sexual products stores and online sales platforms.Consumers can choose their favorite purchase method, and they can be easily purchased online and offline.

Way of matching

SM cheongsam sexy underwear can be worn alone or with other sexy underwear.For example, it can be paired with stockings, high heels, etc. to make the overall shape more perfect.At the same time, it can also be matched with interesting props to make fun life richer and interesting.

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Pants style

In addition to the rich top style of SM cheongsam sexy underwear, the bottom pants style is also very diverse. You can choose different bottom pants styles such as G-String or briefs to make the overall dressing effect more coordinated and beautiful.


Because SM cheongsam sex lingerie uses a lot of satin and other fabrics that are susceptible to fading, special washing supplies need to be used when washing and avoid exposure in the sun. You can use a special sunscreen hanger to dry.

in conclusion

In summary, SM cheongsam sexy underwear is a very distinctive and tasteful sexy underwear. It not only has the characteristics of traditional Chinese clothing, but also pays attention to the integration of modern fashion elements.Consumers can choose styles, colors and sizes according to their needs and preferences to make their interesting life richer and interesting.