Was that the lubricating fluid with sexy underwear, okay?

Use sexy underwear lubricating fluid, okay?

Sexy underwear lubrication is a commonly used lubricant. Many people think of using it when using sex underwear.But some people have doubts about its use effect and security.This article will discuss this question to answer your doubts.

What is a sexy underwear lubricant?

Interest underwear lubricant, also known as lubricant.It is a chemical that is used to enhance the lubrication effect of sexual intercourse.It is usually composed of water, oil, silicon, glycerin and other additives.Interest underwear lubricants are divided into three types, including water -based lubricants, oily lubricants and silicon lubricants. Each lubricant has its unique characteristics.

Why use sexy underwear lubricants?

In the process of sexual intercourse, because the lubricating fluid secreted by women may not be enough or no, the sexual friendship will become uncomfortable, which may cause pain and even the risk of injury.Using sexy lubricants can make women feel more comfortable, reduce pain and discomfort, and increase the fun of sex.

What are the benefits of using sexy underwear lubricants?

There are many benefits to using sex liquid lubricants, such as:

1. Increase the happiness of sex

When sexual intercourse, the use of sexy underwear lubrication can make women more relaxed, feel more comfortable, thereby increasing sexual fun.

2. Reduce pain in sex

Women’s lack of lubricating fluid can make sex pain or even injured, and the use of sexy lubricants can reduce or even eliminate these discomfort.

3. Prevent inflammation and infection

Using sexy lubricants can reduce the trauma or even infection caused by friction during sexual intercourse, and protect the health of women’s private parts.

4. Increase the smoothness of the vagina

The use of sexy underwear lubricants can make the vagina smoother, and at the same time help maintain the pH balance of women’s vagina.

What are the risks of using sex underwear lubrication?

Although there are many benefits of sexy underwear lubrication, there are still some risks when used:

1. Improper selection

Different types of sexy lubricants are suitable for different groups and situations. If improper use, such as allergies and other problems.

2. Allergies

Some people may have allergic symptoms, such as itching and rash. They need to stop using it in time and consult a professional physician.

3. Security issues

The quality of some domestic sex liquid lubricants is not available, and there may be security problems. It is necessary to choose a product with guaranteed products.

In short, the use of sexy lubricants has no substantial harm and adverse effects, but the correct product and usage method need to be selected.

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