What does sexy underwear mean water?

What is sexy underwear too water

Falling underwear is a very difficult problem. Many sexy underwear enthusiasts may encounter this problem.It refers to the phenomenon of dyes or colors on the underwear when washing the lingerie, the phenomenon of dyeing other clothing, causing other clothes to dye.

Why is the sexy underwear overwhelmed

There are mainly the following reasons for sexy underwear:

The quality of dyes is poor.Low -quality dyes are easily dissolved in water and penetrate through the fiber of the underwear to other clothes.

Underwear materials are inappropriate.Some underwear materials such as silk, cotton, etc. are prone to adsorb dyes, so it is easy to penetrate the dyes to other clothes when washing.

The laundry method is incorrect.During the laundry process, the color, material and soaking time of different clothes should be reasonably arranged.

How to avoid sexy underwear too water

Here are some ways to avoid sexy underwear:

Buy high -quality sexy underwear.High -quality sexy underwear usually uses higher quality dyes and is not easy to dissolve.

Choose the appropriate laundry tool.Choose washing tools such as laundry fluids and laundry bags specifically for underwear washed, which helps reduce sexy underwear to water.

Use the correct laundry method.When cleaning the sexy underwear, you should consider that the color and materials of similar materials should be washed together. Different clothes of different colors should be washed separately to avoid dyeing.

Avoid sunlight exposure.The sun will fade the color of the clothes and accelerate the dyeing process.So it is best to avoid over -exposed to sexy underwear.

How to deal with sexy underwear too water

Once the sexy underwear is too water, you should take measures as soon as possible. The following are some processing methods:

Wash the dyed clothing separately.If the underwear is dyed with other clothes, you need to clean the dyed clothing in time to avoid staining.

Clean the stain.Repeat the dyed clothing with cold water, which is conducive to decomposing dyes and discharge.However, do not clean it with hot water or dryer, because hot water may exacerbate dyeing, and drying the dye.

Try bleach.If the dyeing clothing is white, you can use a bleach to remove the dye.However, the use of bleach should be very careful to avoid damaging the chemical fiber of clothing.


Here are some matters that need to be paid attention to when the water underwear is watering:

Don’t wash too much.Because scrubbing can crack the fiber of the clothing, which will cause the staining to spread.

Avoid using overheated washing.Excessive water can cause the fiber of the clothing to deformation, thereby speeding up the speed of dye penetration.

Replace the filter of the washing machine regularly.The expired and blocked washing machine filters may store a large amount of dirt, so that each laundry becomes unclean.

How to choose a sexy underwear that is not easy to pass water

When choosing a sexy underwear, the following are some precautions:

Choose high -quality materials.High -quality materials can stuck some good dyes to reduce the risk of dyeing.

Select the detected brand.These brands of sexy underwear usually have standard dye colors and are not easy to overwhelm.

Avoid clean fabrics.The sexy underwear of smooth fabrics is easy to adsorb stains and dyes, which causes water.

How to maintain sexy underwear

Here are some ways to maintain sexy underwear:

Avoid long -term exposure.The sun will cause the aging and color of the underwear material to fade.

Wash underwear considerate.Put the underwear in a dedicated laundry bag and wash it, which will reduce damage and wear.

Replace sexual underwear regularly.Underwear is easy to deform and aging after wearing, so it needs to be replaced frequently.

Be cautious when buying sexy underwear

In short, choosing a high -quality erotic underwear and adopting the correct way of laundry is the best way to avoid water overwater.Pay attention to the size, material, quality and other elements when buying to avoid buying underwear that is not suitable for you.Only the correct maintenance and maintenance can extend the service life and ensure the quality and aesthetics of the underwear.

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