What does your girlfriend wear sexy underwear?

ForePlay a new way

Interest underwear is a special clothing that brings some different feelings and experiences to sex.The girlfriend wearing a sexy underwear is a trendy ForePlay method for some men. Below I will introduce my feelings from three perspectives: spirit, vision and touch.

Spiritual enjoyment

Seeing my girlfriend put on sexy underwear, it will make me feel more confident and beautiful, and this feeling will be passed on to my heart.I will feel that she is preparing for our sex, and this special preparation method enhances the tacit understanding and mutual trust between us.

Visual stimulus

Sex underwear often uses perspective, hollow, lace and other methods, making women’s figures more beautiful and full of temptation.Putting them, the sexy and charming atmosphere reflected by women can make people feel fascinating.And this visual stimulus will make me look forward to the prospects of sex.

Feeling feelings

The material of the fabric of sexy underwear is very particular, such as the smooth touch of silk, the tight oppression of the shelf, etc., which will make the touch feel more comfortable and fun.When I kiss my girlfriend’s chest and touch her sexy curve wearing a sexy underwear, the feeling cannot be expressed in words.

Increase intimidation

Girlfriends wearing fun underwear are not only a way to findPlay, but it can also increase the intimate relationship between us.Some sexy lingerie styles require both parties to work together, such as lock -locking, hook types, etc. In this way, cooperation not only deepen the emotions between us, but also enhances the interaction between us.

Sex is more natural

After wearing sexy underwear, our behavior and actions will change due to external pressure.However, when we are familiar with sexy underwear, it becomes part of our sex.We don’t need to think too much about how to deal with sexy underwear because it has become a natural thing.

Sexual prospects will look forward to

Seeing my girlfriend put on a sexy underwear, it will make me feel that she is full of sexy and temptation. I will be curious and looking forward to what will happen next.This expectation is very beautiful, which will enhance our emotions and attractiveness.

Choose the right sexy underwear

Interest underwear is very diverse. When choosing, you need to pay attention to your personality and needs for sex.For example, some men like tough styles such as black, leather, locks, while some men like pink and lace soft styles.It is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

Depending on the occasion and itinerary, wear

Interest underwear is not only used for sex, it can also be used for daily life.In special days or schedule, wearing sexy underwear can make the tacit understanding and intimacy between us deeper.Therefore, sometimes we can wear sexy underwear in the date, honeymoon or birthday to enjoy more romantic time.

Pay attention to the sexual health of yourself and his girlfriend

Wearing sex underwear is a great experience, but while enjoying sexy, we also need to pay attention to protecting the sexual health of ourselves and his girlfriend.To ensure that the fabrics, materials and cleaning of sexy underwear are safe, and avoid problems such as sexual transmission or allergies.


Wearing sex underwear is a special experience that enhances the tacit understanding and mutual trust between us.However, while enjoying this experience, we need to pay attention to the sexual health of ourselves and his girlfriend.

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