What equipment does a sexy underwear processing plant need?


In today’s competitive sexy underwear market, different processing plants need different equipment to meet their own production needs.In this article, we will discuss the equipment required for a sexy underwear processing plant.

Cutting equipment

Cutting equipment is one of the equipment necessary for the sex underwear processing plant.It includes cutting machines, cutting boards and beds.These devices can help processing plants improve productivity and efficiency.

Sewing equipment

Sewing equipment includes different types of sewing machines, belt machines, car sewing machines, etc.These devices can be used to make different materials and different styles of underwear.

Hot equipment

During the production process, underwear needs to be scalded to achieve the perfect appearance.Therefore, hot -level equipment is one of the essential equipment for processing plants.It includes hot machines, iron, steam cookers, etc.


For sexy underwear that needs to be embroidered, the embroidery machine is an indispensable device.The embroidery machine can greatly improve the capacity and efficiency of the underwear processing plant.

hole puncher

The punching machine can be used in the underwear processing plant to make lace lace, etc. Its function is to hit the specified pores on the material.This is the equipment required by many sexy underwear manufacturers and dealers.


The mold can help processing plants to produce different sizes of mold products.This is one of the essential equipment for sex underwear processing plants.Mold equipment includes molds, mold machines, etc.

Label machine

The label machine allows the processing plant to easily label the size on the underwear.This helps to improve production efficiency and increase sales channels for underwear processing plants.

Packing Machine

The packaging machine can help the sexy underwear processing plant quickly and effectively pack underwear products.Pouring underwear products quickly and effectively will become a way to save time and cost, and at the same time makes it easier for underwear to transport.

Testing Equipment

The underwear processing plant needs to detect equipment to ensure that the quality of underwear products meet the standards.The detection equipment includes cloth wear resistance test machines, sewing thread strong testing machines, fabric thickness measuring instruments, etc.

in conclusion

In the underwear processing plant, different devices have different functions.These equipment aims to improve production efficiency, improve the quality of underwear, save time and money.For processing plants, buying these devices can not only improve production capacity, but also meet customer needs, and at the same time are more competitive in the market.

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