Where is the address of Guannan sexy underwear?

Where is the address of Guannan sexy underwear?

What is the capital of Guannan sex underwear?

The capital of Guannan sexy underwear refers to the sex underwear enterprises and industrial chains gathered by Guannan County, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province.As one of the global sexy underwear production bases, Guannan County is known as the capital of Chinese sex underwear.

Why does Guannan become the capital of sexy underwear?

First of all, the traditional clothing industry of Guannan has a solid industrial foundation. Secondly, the geographical location is superior, adjacent to Shanghai Port, and is committed to the development of foreign trade. Finally, the local government takes the initiative to attack and vigorously guide the development of local underwear companies.Scale industrial cluster.

What are the companies of irrigated underwear?

There are many well -known underwear brands and enterprises in Guannan sexy underwear, such as: Kelan, Mrs. Qiao, Ji Ni, Huayin, Dianfen and so on.

What are the advantages of irrigation southern sexy underwear?

On the one hand, the capital of Guannan sex underwear brings together the world’s latest fashion elements and the most cutting -edge technologies. On the other hand, it has a comprehensive supply chain system. From raw materials, design, manufacturing to sales of the entire industry chain services, it can provide diverse diverseProducts and solutions.

What is the market performance of the market of irrigation underwear?

The downtown of Guannan sexy underwear has performed well in the market, becoming one of the world’s largest underwear export bases, and its products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and Middle East.In 2019, the total output value of the underwear industry in Guannan County exceeded 17 billion yuan, of which the export value exceeded 10 billion yuan.

How to reach the capital of Guannan sex underwear?

Nantong City Guannan County has convenient transportation and can be reached through various methods such as highways, trains, aircraft, etc.Starting from Shanghai, you can take a high -speed car for about 2 hours to reach Guannan.

What are the tourist attractions of Guannan sexy underwear?

Guannan has unique natural landscapes and historical and cultural landscapes, such as Guanyun Wetland, Yunsheng Temple, Chongchuan Ancient Town, etc.In addition, you can visit the headquarters or exhibition hall of some well -known underwear brands in the local area to learn more about the relevant knowledge of lingerie.

What is the future of the Southern Infusion Underwear?

The future development potential of irrigated underwear is unlimited.With the upgrading of consumption and the expansion of the market, the demand for the market’s underwear market has continued to increase.At the same time, local governments will continue to increase industrial support and promote the expansion of the industrial chain and brand building of the Guannan sex underwear capital.It is foreseeable that in the future, the capital of sexy underwear will develop more vigorously.

The development of irrigated underwear capital on the Chinese underwear industry

The high -quality development of irrigated underwear capital has played an important role in promoting the overall development of China’s underwear industry.It has not only become the representative of the Chinese underwear industry, but also leads the innovation and change of the entire industry.It is foreseeable that with the continuous upgrading of the Chinese consumer market, there will be more industrial clusters like Guannan sex underwear capital, thereby promoting the further development and growth of the Chinese underwear industry.

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