Why is the sexy underwear shot?

Sending underwear sending problem

The design of sexy underwear is exquisitely designed and can often evoke people’s inner desire. Therefore, sending sexy underwear is a very popular business behavior now.However, when shooting sexy underwear, some people find that photos are easy to leak, resulting in product photos that cannot reflect the true charm of sexy underwear.Let me analyze the question of why sexy underwear is easy to shoot.

The characteristics of photographers are unfamiliar with sexy underwear

The photographer does not understand the material, texture, gloss, transparency, elasticity, cutting, etc.In this case, even in terms of equipment and technology, it is inevitable that the color is unreal and style.

Improper shooting angle

When shooting sexy underwear, the photographer’s choice of shooting angle is critical.If you choose the wrong angle, it will affect the effect of sexy underwear.Some sexy underwear is transparent or lace. If the photographer chooses a horizontal angle, it will cause the transparency or three -dimensional sense of sexy underwear.Therefore, when shooting sexy underwear, you should choose the appropriate angle to show the beautiful arc and curvature lines of the sexy underwear, making the photo more perfect.

Improper picture processing

Anyone who understands the love underwear knows that when the design of sexy underwear needs to consider the beauty of the lines of women’s figure, so designers often have many unique designs in the tailoring, size and craftsmanship of sexy underwear, and these designs are difficult to be perfect when shootingPresent.Therefore, when the photos are modified in the later period, it is easy to damage the original design effect, leading to problems such as color deviation, distortion, and inconsistency with the real objects.Therefore, when modifying photos, you should avoid using too much filter and special effects, and show the real color and characteristics of sexy underwear as much as possible.

Improper light settings

Light setting plays a vital role in the success or failure of shooting.When shooting sexy underwear, pay attention to the rationality of the light setting. If the light is incomplete or the angle is wrong, the photos taken will be easy to leak.Therefore, when shooting sexy underwear, you should choose soft lights to avoid using strong light to destroy the original texture of the sexy underwear.

Improper sex lingerie matching

When shooting sexy underwear, it is usually necessary to match. Many photographers are used to shooting sex underwear with suit or jackets.This is not appropriate, because doing so will cause the photo to perform poorly.Photographers should try to avoid improper matching, but choose the appropriate clothing to match, so that the photo shows the sexy and beauty of the sexy underwear.

Models are uncomfortable

The clothing design of sexy underwear is often tight and close, and the model and body of the model are very high. Many models feel uncomfortable when wearing sexy underwear.Therefore, when shooting sexy underwear, communication between photographers and models is very important.Models should be self -confident and comfortable when wearing sexy underwear, and as much as possible to show the sexy and beauty of sexy underwear as much as possible without the performance effect.

Interesting underwear materials are not breathable

Some sexy underwear materials are not breathable, and they will feel uncomfortable for a long time.When the photographer shoots sexy underwear, if the model feels uncomfortable, the photos taken will not look good.Therefore, when shooting these sexy underwear, you need to choose the more breathable materials to ensure that the model feels natural and comfortable when wearing a sexy underwear.

There are many styles of sexy underwear

The styles of sexy underwear are very diverse, such as cats and women’s suits, uniform suits, sex bellybands, sex camisrets, sexy lace nightders, and so on.Because the characteristics of each sexy underwear are different, they often need to be matched according to their characteristics and styles when shooting to ensure the sexy and beautiful beauty of sexy underwear.


To sum up, there are many factors that are prone to leakage of sexy underwear.In order to shoot sexy, charming and fashionable sexy underwear photos, photographers need to have a certain understanding and mastery of these special underwear styles, materials, transparency, cutting, light and shadow, matching, lighting, etc.Real and beautiful.At the same time, in terms of choosing sexy underwear, models, lighting, etc., it is necessary to consider more thoroughly in order to exert the true charm and attractiveness of sexy underwear.

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