Will my boyfriend wearing a sexy underwear come hard?

Why is there such a question?

The purpose of many women in sexy underwear is to increase the possibility of making themselves sexy and charming, and men usually think that women wear sexy underwear to attract them and excite them.In fact, wearing erotic underwear is a way of self -expression and self -enjoyment of women, not to provide men with sexual visual stimuli.However, many people still doubt whether wearing a sexy underwear will make her boyfriend harder.

Interesting underwear cannot directly determine that men are hard or hard

First of all, it is clear that sexy underwear does not directly affect men’s hardness.Men will have erections when they are excited, not because women wear sexy underwear.Interest underwear only adds some sexy beauty visually, and it is not directly related to the physiological response of men.

Sexy underwear can increase the sexual impulse of men

However, women’s sexual underwear can indeed increase men’s sexual impulses and sexual desire.Interest underwear is a symbol of sexy, which will allow them to have sexual fantasy and strengthen sexual desire.Therefore, in appropriate cases, women’s wearing sexy underwear can increase interest and sexual desire, which causes male reactions.

Visual stimulation is not the only factor

It is worth noting that visual stimulation is not the only factor in male hardness.Other factors such as emotional factors, environment, psychological state, physical contact, etc. can also affect men’s physiological reactions.Therefore, when considering the use of sexy underwear to stimulate her boyfriend, all factors need to be considered.

Each person’s response is different

In addition, everyone’s response is also different.Some men may be very sensitive to sexy underwear, while others may not be so vulnerable.Therefore, women should not expect men to erected immediately when they see their sexy underwear.

The quality of the relationship is also important

Finally, the quality of relations is also very important.If the relationship between men and women is good, they will be more likely to have sexual desire for each other.Therefore, sexy underwear can only be one of the means to improve sexual impulses, not the only means.

Women should be self -centered

In general, women wear sexy underwear to show their sexy and self -confidence, not to make men an instant erection.Women should be centered on their own feelings. If they like to wear sex underwear, they should enjoy the process of wearing sexy underwear, not to cater to men’s preferences.


Whether wearing a sexy underwear will make my boyfriend hard this question. Based on the above analysis, we can conclude that wearing sexy underwear can increase the sexual impulse of men, but it does not directly affect the hardness of men.Women should be self -centered, not to cater to men’s expectations.The most important thing is that before any sexual behavior, men and women need to establish a good emotional foundation.

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