Will sexy underwear be bored too?

Why do people wear sexy underwear?

When choosing sexy underwear, many women often look at factors such as styles, colors, materials, etc., but when they buy it back and wear it for a while, they find that the sexy underwear does not seem to be as easy to wear as they think.A sense of disgust.Why is this?

The model does not match the body

If the sexy underwear you choose does not meet your body, it is too small or too large, the suspender is too loose, etc., it will make the wearer feel uncomfortable.Therefore, it is best to measure your body size before buying, and then choose the appropriate model, which is essential for wearing experience.

The material is too irritating to the skin

Some sexy underwear materials are very irritating to the skin, such as rough fiber fabrics, rough -made craftsmanship, raw materials that have not been treated, etc. These will directly affect the comfort of the wearer.It is recommended to choose the superior underwear when purchasing, and pay attention to the skin that is not suitable for completing repair and health care.

The accessories are too tight

The design of some erotic underwear is too tight, which will make people feel oppressive and discomfort during wear.For example, lace lace, waist design, metal ring, etc. It is recommended to try it on to avoid uncomfortable wear.

Too many details cause discomfort

Some erotic underwear design is too gorgeous, and the details of the fancy design make people feel bored and uncomfortable, such as BRA with a large number of diamonds, fancy stitching wedding skirts, and so on.It is recommended to choose an appropriate amount of detail design to maintain a simple and refreshing dressing experience.

Not suitable for wearing occasions

Some sexy underwear is not suitable for wearing specific occasions. For example, sports sexy underwear is only suitable for wearing during sleep rather than daily activities, while sexy charming types are suitable for wearing in specific occasions.If you choose the wrong occasion, you will feel uncomfortable and bored.

Frequent wearables lead to disgust

If you wear the same sexy underwear frequently, it is easy to make the wearer feel tired and bored.Therefore, it is recommended to choose diverse styles and colors, enjoy the diversity of wearables, and wear different experiences.

Improper cooperation leads to uncomfortable dressing

Some sexy underwear needs to be worn with other clothing. If it is not properly matched, it will cause the wearers to feel uncomfortable and bored.For example, you need to wear stockings, high heels, etc. If you wear improperly, it will affect the overall dressing experience.

Not suitable for personal style

The style of sexy underwear is closely related to personal taste. If the sexy underwear you choose is not consistent with the personal taste, people will be bored and uncomfortable.Therefore, when purchasing, you should choose the style according to your own style and preferences to ensure the sense of pleasure wearing.


In short, you need to consider many factors to choose and buy sexy underwear, especially comfort and personal style to ensure the sense of pleasure and quality of wearing.It is hoped that readers can pay attention to these details when buying sexy underwear, so as to choose the sexy underwear that suits them best.

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