Will the luggage be checked if the luggage lingerie will be checked?

Will the luggage be checked by the luggage -a common question?

When traveling, we usually bring some necessities to meet travel needs, such as-suitcases, daily care products, clothing, etc.Because sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular in the current society, some passengers may want to put some sexy underwear in the suitcase. This has caused a problem. Will it be checked in the luggage?This article will answer this question and provide some useful suggestions.

Whether the suitcase will be investigated -thinking before the journey

Before we answer this question, let’s consider what may happen during the journey.Different countries and airlines have different security regulations. Some countries pay more attention to aviation safety and transit inspections. Therefore, they are equipped with specific items in the suitcase and may be regarded as illegal or unsafe items.Before travel, understand the safety regulations and regulations of the country or region to make a more wise choice.

Whether sexy underwear is considered a bad behavior

In some countries, it is considered to be inappropriate in some countries, and it may also be regarded as an item that induces or promote sexual behavior.Therefore, when storing erotic underwear, you must pay attention to the country’s legal and cultural background.If you are not sure if the item is accepted, please consult the local airline or relevant departments in order to make a more wise choice.

Whether it is found in the suitcase

If the sexy underwear is placed in or in a luggage, where will it be safer?Will it be found?Under normal circumstances, the suitcase will not be opened directly.Unless your luggage may have some doubts, such as excessive weight, abnormal external parcels, etc., it is possible to open an inspection by the staff.

Choose the appropriate luggage

If you are sure to put the sexy underwear in the suitcase, choosing the appropriate suitcase can help reduce the risk of being discovered.First of all, the suitcase should have a good lock mechanism to prevent directly access to bad elements.Secondly, the external color and material of the suitcase should be compared with the items they are placed. Do not let them pay unnecessary attention on the outside.

Use small bags to pack

If you are still worried about the safety problem on the suitcase, you can use some small bags or containers to pack.For some fragile or smaller items, this method will better protect its safety and reduce the risk of being checked.

Choose the right airline

Different airlines have different security regulations. You can ask when selecting airlines, see the airline’s views on such items and related masks, and choose the airline that best meets your needs.

Conclusion: You need to understand and abide by security regulations

If you decide to place sexy underwear in a suitcase, remember to choose the appropriate luggage, understand the security regulations of the country or region, and follow the regulations of the airline.If you are still worried about the problem you use, please use some small bags for packing.Although luggage is usually not directly checked, you should still abide by safety regulations, which will help protect your safety and reduce the pressure during travel.

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