160 pounds of fat women wear fun underwear

160 pounds of fat women wear fun underwear

160 pounds of fat women’s challenges wearing fun underwear

As a more sexy and teasing underwear, many women want to try.However, for women who are fat, wearing sexy underwear may bring more challenges.This article will explore how to choose and wear sexy underwear in the case of fatter shape.

Choose suitable sexy underwear types

First of all, you must choose a sexy underwear suitable for your own body shape.For fat women, it is not recommended to choose a style that is too tight to avoid highlighting the discordant figure and causing embarrassment.You can choose some loose sexy underwear, or add some design elements such as tassels, pleated edges to the style to cover or disperse visual attention.

Choose suitable colors and materials

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For fat women, the selection of color is also very important.Black and dark erotic underwear is more suitable for women with fatter figures, because black underwear can make her figure look longer.At the same time, choose high -quality materials to ensure the comfort and aesthetics of underwear.

Pay attention to the sexy degree of underwear

Interest underwear is also a sexy underwear, but for women with fat body shapes, pay attention to the sexyness of underwear.You can choose some details of design elements, such as lace edges, hollow, etc., which is slightly sexy, rather than being too exposed and coquettish.

Pay attention to match when wearing

If you want to wear sexy underwear well, you need to pay attention to the problem.You can choose to match some jackets, long skirts, long T -shirts, etc., to cover the effect of covering and weakening the lack of figure.

Pay attention to the comfort of wearing

The comfort of sexy underwear is also very important.Choose the comfort that suits your body and preference.Don’t pursue a variety of cool styles, but feel uncomfortable or even painful because of poor comfort.

Pay attention to the size of the underwear

The size of the underwear is also a point that needs to be paid attention to.Choose the right size to avoid too tight or looseness because the size is inappropriate.You can confirm your size by tailor -size or try on to ensure the effect of underwear.

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Put in the order of wearing traditional underwear

The wearing of sexy underwear also has certain skills.You can wear the order of traditional underwear, such as wearing underwear first, then a bra, and finally wearing sexy underwear to ensure the order and effect of wearing.

Pay attention to posture and temperament

In addition to the choice and matching of underwear, posture and temperament will also affect the effect of wearing sexy underwear.Don’t be too nervous and rigid, you can try an elegant and confident attitude to improve the overall temperament and dressing effect.


For fat women, wearing erotic underwear may be more challenging.But as long as you pay attention to choosing, matching, dressing, and gesture, even fat women can wear charming effects.