2018 Guangzhou Sex Underwear Exhibition

2018 Guangzhou Sex Underwear Exhibition

2018 Guangzhou Sex Underwear Exhibition: There are many highlights

The 2018 Guangzhou Sex Underwear Exhibition has successfully concluded. This exhibition brings together many sexy underwear manufacturers at home and abroad, showing the latest and most trendy design and quality, attracting the attention and visit of many sexy underwear enthusiasts and industry insiders.

Diversity is the theme

With the improvement of people’s living standards and aesthetic requirements, the design of sexy underwear is constantly being replaced.The theme of this exhibition is "diversity" and reflected in many aspects.

Diverse style

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The needs of different scenarios, different styles, and different people have promoted the gradually diversified style of sexy lingerie.In addition to the traditional teasing design, this exhibition also shows more detailed, exquisite and low -key styles, giving consumers more choices.

Diverse material

The comfort and sense of dressing of sexy underwear are also important factor that manufacturers must pay attention to.In this exhibition, many underwear uses various new materials, such as environmentally friendly fiber, artificial silk, and twisted blended, which are more comfortable and soft and breathable.

Innovation is the highlight

The innovation of sexy underwear design has also been highly evaluated by people in the industry.In addition to using a variety of new materials, manufacturers also integrate creativity into sexy underwear design in various ways, such as combining LED light and Bluetooth technology.

Customization is a new trend

There is a trend in various fields: moving towards customization.The sexy underwear industry is no exception.At this exhibition, many manufacturers provide customized underwear services. Consumers can freely choose styles, sizes, materials, etc. according to personal needs and preferences to truly make a customization to meet personalized needs.

Quality is the last word

Although the style and design of sexy underwear are important, quality is the key.Good quality underwear, comfortable, healthy and safe.During the exhibition, major manufacturers also showed quality assurance, such as fine craftsmanship, environmental protection dyeing, high -quality fiber, healthy fabrics, etc.


Internationalization is the trend

With the rapid development of China’s economy and the acceleration of globalization, the demand for China’s sexy underwear brands has gradually increased.In this exhibition, not only sexy underwear manufacturers from all over China, but also many designers and brands from the United States, Europe, Asia and other countries and regions, showing the popularity of the global sexy underwear market.

Health and safety are the focus

Interest underwear is closely related to health and safety.Therefore, during the exhibition, major enterprises have continuously strengthened health and safety management to ensure that underwear has no pollution, harmless substances, and wearing health and safety.

The combination of e -commerce and entity is the development trend

With the popularity of Internet technology and the increase in consumer online shopping, the sexy lingerie e -commerce industry has developed rapidly.And physical stores also have their own advantages in consumption.In the future, sexy underwear companies need to work hard at the same time in e -commerce and physical stores to continue to expand the sales network.

Culture and art combined

As a cultural product, sexy underwear is combined with humanities and arts can bring greater value to consumers.In this exhibition, many underwear design inspiration comes from ancient culture and classic art. Through the integration of modern design, the underwear has more diversified and profound connotations.


With the progress of society and the changes in people’s aesthetics, the development of sexy underwear products has developed rapidly.Good quality, many styles, new ideas, health and safety, and meet the personal needs of consumers -These are the future directions of the sex underwear industry.The exhibition not only shows the latest developments of sexy underwear at home and abroad, but also pointed out a new direction for the future development of the sex underwear industry.