Doctor’s sexy underwear novels

Doctor's sexy underwear novels

The doctor who met for the first time

Xiaoyu first hired a nurse in a large hospital. For the first time, she saw her attending doctor, and she didn’t know why it was a bit nervous.When the doctor’s blue vest buckled with a white coat and walked in handsomely, Xiao Yu’s face was red.

The first sexy underwear

One day, when the doctor was looking for a patient, he accidentally stained his white coat.No way, we had to wear that unique erotic lingerie to deliver the nurse’s light rain.When Xiaoyu saw it, she felt her face rose hot.

"Women’s Disease" patient’s sexy underwear

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Xiaoyu met a patient who claimed to be "women’s disease". The patients needed to change clothes, and the clothes they brought were very ordinary.Xiaoyu suddenly thought of the doctor’s erotic underwear. He hesitated or tried it to the patient, and the patient’s expression became cheerful.

birthday present

The doctor’s birthday was here, and Xiao Yu bought a beautiful set of sexy underwear as a gift.The doctor was very grateful, but he did not unveil the gift of the gift. Xiaoyu looked a little worried.In the end, the doctor acknowledged that he was homosexual, and the distance between the two was a lot closer.

Play as a girlfriend

On one occasion, the doctor’s ex -boyfriend came to him suddenly. Xiao Yu was unwilling to make the doctor sad, so he dressed up as a girlfriend who was dressed as a doctor and successfully cheated his ex -boyfriend.

Lost doctor

The doctor recently broke up, and his mood was very heavy. Xiao Yu wanted to do something for him, so he took him to buy a sexy underwear.In the store, they chose a pink underwear. The doctor put on it unexpectedly, "Wow, I’m so beautiful!" The lost emotions were left behind.

Couples sexy jacket

The doctor recently found a new object. Xiaoyu remembered the sexy underwear bought to the doctor before, so he bought a new set of sexy underwear for the doctor’s new object. By the way, he also bought a set of boyfriends for his boyfriend.At that time, the two couldn’t help laughing loudly.

Oil Shine

When family problems

The doctor’s family encountered a problem, and his mood was very low. Xiaoyu recommended a sexy underwear that was good at guiding emotions. Although it felt a little far -fetched, the doctor seemed to feel a lot better.

Doctor’s recommendation

Xiao Yu accompanied the doctor for a long time, and eventually she became a sexy underwear expert.Once, she told the doctor that she wanted to buy a new sexy underwear, and the doctor recommended to her, which is very suitable for her.

Perception of sexy underwear

Xiaoyu finally recalled these things, sighed that the role of sexy underwear in her and doctors’ lives. It is not only a symbol of interest, but also symbolizes friendship, love and care, but also supports her good mood.

Viewpoint: Interests of underwear can not only increase life interest, but also bring people a happy, caring and special commemoration.