European whitening sex underwear show


White sex underwear is the most representative underwear. It seems that every woman will have white underwear.European whiten -white sex underwear has a unique style, making women feel confident, sexy and charming.In this article, we will explore the styles and characteristics of European white sexy underwear together.


The cups of European whitening underwear are usually divided into three categories: full cups, half cups and triangular cups.The design of the whole cup can completely cover the chest and provide a comprehensive support for the chest; the half cup only covers half of the chest, which is more sexy; the triangular cup is the most common design, making the chest look more natural.


European whiten -white sex lingerie is mainly based on lace, silk, cotton and leather.The lace and silk material make the underwear look lighter and soft, while the leather gives a unique sexy feeling.


There are many styles of European whitening underwear, the most popular of which is the lace hollow style.There are also many other styles, such as deep V style, shoulder strap style, shoulder straps and straps connected together, and so on.

Chest pad

Chest pads are an indispensable part of sexy underwear.The chest pads of European whitening and sexy underwear have different shapes and sizes, which can adapt to various shapes.Embedded chest pads can make the chest look more upright, while the outer embedded chest pad is more natural.


There are many models to choose from in European whitening underwear, such as corset, three -point, T -shaped pants, opening files, and so on.Different models are suitable for different occasions and personal flavors.


The details of European whitening and sexy underwear are very particular.Add rich details and decorations to the design, such as ribbons, small satin flowers, lace, beads, beads and sequins, etc. These details make the underwear look more refined and more visually impact.


European whiten -white erotic underwear is not only suitable for private occasions, but also with different shapes.For example, with a sweater, or with a skirt, it can create different styles.


White sex underwear generally needs to be cleaned with neutral detergent to avoid using bleach and strong alkaline cleaners to avoid destroying the material and aesthetics.Gently wash and dry it, do not dry it in the sun or near the high -temperature electric heating equipment.

in conclusion

White sex underwear is a sexy and classic and elegant underwear.European whitening sex underwear is the best in this field. They have high evaluation and recognition in terms of materials, styles, and details.Wearing a European white and white sex underwear, making yourself feel confident and sexy, it will be a very pleasant experience.

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