Faculty buy me a sexy shirt for me

Faculty buy me a sexy shirt for me

Start choosing love underwear

I recently announced a special news that I and my fiance intended to get married a few months later.Recently, he took the initiative and bought me a sexy underwear.I have never wearing sexy underwear, so this is the first time I bought this underwear.After listening to his opinion, I learned how to choose love underwear for myself.

Consider comfort

No matter how good the erotic lingerie is, if it is uncomfortable, you will not want to wear it.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, consider its comfort.It is best to choose soft and breathable materials to maintain comfort.In addition, you must also consider your body shape. It is best to tailor the underwear, not too tight or too loose.

Understand your physical form

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Understanding your physical form is a major advantage when choosing sexy underwear.Knowing your own figure, you can choose a fit underwear to highlight your advantages.For example, if you have a large breast, you can choose to support strong underwear. If your waist lines are beautiful, you can consider choosing a tight underwear or waist underwear.

Choose the correct color

It is also important to choose the color of sex underwear.Choose color according to your skin and hair color.If it is a small fresh type, you can choose white, blue, pink and other colors. If you like ambiguous, you can choose black, red, purple, gold and other colors.

Size is very important

No more embarrassing sexy underwear than buying errors.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, it is very important to ensure your size.Check the size table and choose the size suitable for you to ensure that the underwear is more fit and more comfortable.


When choosing a sexy underwear, choose a retro or fashionable appearance. The factors you have to consider are your personal style and your feelings about wearing.If you feel like an ancient prostitute, then you should choose some retro underwear.And if you are more inclined to trendy, then you can choose some fashionable underwear.

Sexy or bad taste

Another factor you need to consider when choosing a sexy underwear is sexy or bad fun.This depends on your personality and personal preference.For girls who want to show their sexy style, you can choose some sexy and eye -catching underwear.And girls who choose Gothic and bad -style styles can choose underwear with thorns or black, purple and other colors.

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Experience materials

When selecting sexual relationship, you should pay attention to the selection of materials.Soft and comfortable and breathable materials are not only comfortable, but also enhance the feeling of physical contact.Many sexy underwear is sewn from silk or lace, because these materials are good, soft and smooth, and have a comfortable touch.

Try different styles

It is important to try different styles when choosing a sexy underwear that suits you.Don’t limit yourself to a fixed style so that you will miss a lot of interesting things.Try all kinds of underwear styles and constantly explore what you like, which can keep you fresh.

In short, choose the one that suits you

In short, the most important thing to choose sexy underwear is to choose the one that suits you.Although the size of the models recommended by others may be good, the final decision is still yourself.Choose a sexy underwear that suits you to feel more self -confidence and charm.

in conclusion

Choosing sex underwear may be a challenging task, but if you know what you want and choose the one that suits you, you can find a lingerie that suits you.Don’t stress too much, because this is an interesting thing, you can enjoy the selection process.